Energy Healing Modalities

Master Reiki Healer

A dear friend of mine who is a grand Reiki master conferred me my first and second degrees in Reiki. I completed my third degree in Reiki with Natural Healing Inc. which conferred upon me the designation of Reiki master. I have used Reiki healing as an adjunct to psychotherapy because it enables people to settle into their bodies with openness and curiosity as they engage with painful or traumatic experiences. The flow of energy that Reiki creates also helps to support a healing environment.

Energy Medicine

I have studied and have been mentored in several energy medicine practices that supports people in healing spiritual and emotional wounds that persist despite years of treatment with traditional psychotherapy. The focus of energy medicine is releasing dense energetic blocks that lead to spiritual and emotional dis-ease.

Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought-Field Therapy

Based on the work around energy meridians rooted in Acupuncture, EFT and TFT are interventions that stimulate acupuncture points by tapping on them which facilitates the release of energetic blocks that contribute to lingering emotional distress. Studies have found that EFT and TFT are effective trauma interventions that decrease hyperarousal.