Energy Psychology

The Relationship Between Energy Psychology & Neuroscience?

Research over the last decade has demonstrated how the integration of the body and mind (consciousness) influences our physical and mental health (Cozolino, 2010; Hartmann; 2012; Pollak, Pedulla, Siegel, 2014). Our emotions, for example, are not only psychological, but also neurological and physiological in nature. Thus, our emotions trigger electrical signatures in our brains via our neurons which activates a cascade of physiological processes that motivate us to action. We have emotional energy moving through us at all times. However, when traumatic or distressing events occur in our lives, our emotions can be incorrectly coded or stored in our bodies resulting in dis-ease. Energy psychology asserts that by activating and or reversing the flow of energy that we can heal myriad stress related disorders. Moreover, by activating emotional body memories, we animate the corresponding neural networks in the brain thus facilitating psychological resolution and integration. The American Psychological Association endorses energy psychology because emerging evidence points to clinical efficacy because of interventions like: Emotional Freedom Technique; Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization; Focusing; and Brainspotting. Practitioners of shamanic energy medicine refer to shamanism as a neuro-theology because of it's emphasis of achieving altered states of consciousnesses (ASC) through meditative practices which causes changes in brain states (Brockman, 2006).

Approaches to Energy Medicine


Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Medicine