What Should I Expect?

What Should I Expect

Is a social worker is going to tell me how to 'fix' my problems?

A social worker's role is to guide people to find their own solutions through the use of questions, self-help tasks, and self-reflection. You are the expert on your own life. Thus, the answers already reside within you.

Is social work is just about validation through venting?

While social workers seek to validate people's struggles through empathy and compassion, social work is most effective when people are gently challenged to consider their distress from different vantage points or try on new ways of being in the world.

'Should' I always feel better when I leave a social worker's office?

While social work is about helping people heal from adverse events or experiences in order to feel better, it is not always about leaving every session feeling happy or satisfied. Social work can sometimes leave one feeling uneasy or emotional because change is a hard and takes time. Ideally social work will help people feel like they have a better idea of their triggers, patterns, and typical responses, which can provide a sense of relief, confidence, and accomplishment.

Is a social work going to help me to change the people in my life?

Social work is not about helping you change the people around you. However, social work can support you in making decisions about boundaries, whether a relationship is healthy for you, or how to communicate your needs.

Social workers 'should' help me feel positive all the time?

Social work is not about eliminating 'negative' emotions, rather it's about enabling us to turn toward our negative emotions, so that they can help us tend to what is causing us distress. In so doing, we are able to take effective actions to improve our quality of life. Positive emotions help us to practice gratitude, be playful, or reflect on the lessons we learn during our most trying times. We need both.